An Overview of Traveling Paris France

Paris is the city of love and the most popular destination for tourists in the world. Theres plenty of reason for that as Paris is easily accessible from most of the world and a popular destination for American tourists. The city is relatively safe, known for its artistic flair, and of course the home of the Eiffel Tower. Paris is a wonderful city to plan a family vacation but on the same token a wonderful experience for backpackers and student travelers as well.

For those people who like to take more or less structured vacations, Paris is the ideal city. The most popular sight in the city is the Eiffel Tower, which costs about 5 Euro to enter. You can pay to get either to the first platform or the very top of the tower via a high-speed elevator. There are long lines around the year (which aren’t as bad in the dead of winter) but you can avoid them by getting to the top of the Eiffel by foot. There’s a stairwell that runs about 250 meters.

You can also plan a trip to the world famous art museum, The Louvre. Its the most visited museum in the world and contains over 30,000 objects that span historical artifacts to some of the most famous paintings in the world, including the Mona Lisa. Entry to the Louvre isnt too expensive but you’ll spend quite a bit of time waiting in line if you dont show up early. Set aside about 2-3 hours to really explore the Louvre, a museum that appeals to a wide variety of ages over 10. Even travelers who aren’t particularly fond of museums will likely find a trip to the Louvre a worthwhile time.

A trip to the famous Notre Dame cathedral is an incredible experience, both for the exquisite architecture and Gothic design as well as the view of Paris from the top tower. In addition to the entry fee into the cathedral, there is museum on the site. You shouldnt leave though without making your way up to the north tower where youll get a great view of the city (its not just the Eiffel Tower you know!) There are no elevators inside so youll have to take about 390 stairs all the way to the top but the exercise will be worth the view you get.

Paris is an expensive city and you can save quite a bit of money there by stretching out your meals and combing them with some of the best free attractions the city has to offer. You can take a cruise or stroll up and down the Siene river where youll get plenty of photo opportunities. You can get a variety of passes but by spending a bit extra on an unlimited day pass you can use the boats as taxis throughout town. Food and drink are also served on these little ferries although its much cheaper to bring your own snacks. You can also estimate your travel costs and stretch your travel budget out by enjoying a late breakfast or brunch at one of Paris many parks like Jardin du Luxembourg or Parc de Villette.