Teaching English in Dublin

You know that Dublin, Ireland is one of the top vacation spots in Europe and an enticing location for a long-term travel experience. One of the ways you can both extend your trip to Dublin is to learn to teach English there, depending on what side of the language proficiency coin youre on. International House Dublin provides both of those opportunities for prospective visitors to one of the most interesting European cities to visit. Through International House Dublins programs you can take English courses in Dublin that are tailored made to be both challenging plus geared for adults.

The English courses range from general proficiency which of course includes reading, writing, and speaking with all of the nuances of local slang plus widely used terms to help your speech behave more naturally like a local. There are also business courses designed for travelers looking to improve their English in a professional environment, including business terminology both spoken and written. And since so many jobs and employers these days use standardized English tests as a gauge of language proficiency, International House Dublin also includes classes that are specifically designed to help you pass the most common courses. Some of the exams that are focused on and can be taken at the school itself include the Cambridge exams. Those are the First Certificate Exam (FCE), Cambridge Advanced Exam (CAM), Cambridge Proficiency Exam (CPE), and the IELTS exam. Its also worth noting that those over 50 can benefit from the schools Young At Heart Programme that was created for older students.

There are options for you as well if you happen to already speak fluent English. You can consider teaching English in Ireland and learn how to do just that through the teacher certification and TEFL courses that are offered at International House. To know a language is one thing but to teach it to others especially those who arent proficient in the language being taught is another. Youll also be equipped after successful completion of the given course with the proper accreditation so that you can find work as an English teacher wherever your skills are needed. That where by the way, is almost anywhere in the world, since learning English is such a critical part of so many economies, there are no shortage of students. That fact alone can be the tickets for you to travel the world as well as earn money to continue your journey.

Whether its a Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CELTA) certification, Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults (DELTA), or refresher course for your previous English teaching experience, International House Dublin can expand both your communication as well as travel opportunities.