Traveling Abroad via Teaching English

There are many ways to travel on a budget and keep your costs down and one of them is to earn an income while you’re on the road. Ideally you’ll want to leverage the skills you already have and develop them for the best opportunities. Those of you who are native English speakers should consider teaching that language to the millions of people around the world interested in learning it. Not only will you be connecting with locals in a new part of the world, you’ll also be extending your travels and getting a chance to become more of a local yourself.

How To Develop Your Skills

Of course knowing a language and teaching it are two different things and while youre English may be fluid, your teaching skills and certification may be lacking. that’s where a TESOL courses (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) come into play. They can prepare you for all of the challenges you’re likely to face in a classroom where most of the students wont be able to communicate with you, initially. You’ll learn how to convey the important parts of grammar and structure that are so natural to you, breaking it down may initially seem difficult. Courses last about a month and start with the basics of teaching and where to begin with a language to new learners. You’ll also receive instructions in a simulated reversal of roles where you’re taught in a language completely foreign to you, so you’ll have an idea of what your students may be feeling.

As the course progresses, you’ll be given experience by teaching several one-hour classes to give you the real-world classroom feel. You’ll be planning the lessons at this point about 2-4 weeks into the course but have an experienced teacher leading the class so you’re not prematurely on your own. After each course you’ll be given expert feedback on how to improve your teaching skills so by the end of the month you’ll be more than ready to teach English to your own class.

The lessons you’ll be given and giving aren’t all verbal however and writing is a big part of the course and the classes you’ll be teaching. Prior to the end of the classes you’ll be given an examination to test what you’ve learned and certify that you’re ready to take on your own English-teaching classroom. From there you can realize your long term travel dreams by having a skill that’s highly in demand in many countries. That gives you the flexibility to choose a variety of travel destinations based on a need you can fulfill. You’ll get paid while living in a foreign country that’s not something many travelers can certainly say.