Finding the Best English Schools in Europe

English courses are a good way to combine education and travel, two activities that can propel your life in many ways for years after your journey has ended. Finding the best schools however isnt always an easy process but if youre headed to London, England, the British Studies Centres School of English is an excellent all around choice. The BBC has voted the English school London as the Star English Language School Europe twice in the past 3 years, a high honor for this language school located in Marylebone between the Baker Street and Bond Street tube stations.

The facility itself is spacious, with 5 floors and 24 classrooms, however the number of students per class is limited to give everyone the optimal amount of attention and interaction with the teachers. The British Study Centres School also have a blend of many student nationalities which creates an ideal collaborative English learning environment. South Korea, Switzerland, and Brazil made up the top three of student nationalities, among many others. Additionally, there are courses for varying ages and proficiency, from adult English courses to junior and family programs, all of which are available at the school.

It isnt all learning and serious however, the British Studies Centres School of English has an excellent social environment, with an in-house cafe where you can hang out, meet other students, and unwind after a long day of studying. There is also free wireless Internet available in the cafe and library, along with a high-speed connection to 40 computers within the facility. For more serious studying, the library is available to you throughout the day, with one of the English teachers on duty to help students with any questions they may have while reviewing and English class material.

Launch your travels and English to the next level at one of the best schools in Europe to do so while you meet locals and explore one of the most fascinating cities in the world.