Teaching English at London’s Best Schools

English is the universal language that opens up the world to those who speak it. Its not the only language in the world but if you want to travel and connect with more of the worlds population, its certainly the language you want to learn. You might also know other people interested in learning English who may not be able to read this article quite yet. No worries however, The English Studio can get you or those you know who want to learn English right where they need to be with their professional and efficient services. Not only will you be learning English at one of London’s most reputable and affordable English schools, youll also have the benefit of being immersed in London!

The English Studio is accredited by the British Council and has a wide variety of courses available depending on your particular needs and language level. Their classrooms are located in the heart of London, making them easily accessible within the city. Not only will they teach you English, they’ll also help you get set up in London. The English Studio will give you advice on places to stay while you’re in London and their regular social events can immerse you in the London social scene. Its a complete package that’s not easy to find anywhere in the world, let alone London.

There are a number of classes and duration’s for various rates that you can consider based upon you current English speaking level. The goal for the end of each course is to get you as close to English fluency as possible. There are English language courses available throughout the year, including summer courses as well. Libraries and a complete support staff will make you feel confident as your English language skills improve and develop as you’re encouraged to speak and interact with local speakers as much as possible. You’ll be given an honest assessment of your current skills so that you’re at the proper level and in the proper course when you begin. From there the daily lessons will focus on your speaking, writing, and comprehension skills so youll start to think like a native English speaker. Teachers will help you work on accents and slang so that your English skill set is even more versatile than many other students around the world.

Signing up and getting more information is easy and the teachers and guides are always willing to give you the program details you’re looking for. That introduction alone will have you looking forward to jumping into the right English class for you. A few weeks or months later you’ll be thankful you did and can say so in a number of ways all in English of course.