The Best Vacation Spots in Europe

When planning their vacations some people go out of their way to pick places where nobody else goes. There is a reason why though some cities become as popular as they do and youll have a wonderful time planning to any of these top vacation spots in Europe. There are activities, history, food, and something for all types of travelers. Whether youre traveling with your family or a solo backpacker Europe has a lot to offer you.

Perhaps you haven’t completely set you vacation plan yet and have stumbled here to begin your search. You can begin by taking a look at these articles on great travel destinations all over Europe.

Dublin, Ireland: Dublin is a surprisingly enchanting European city that claims the hearts and charms many who go there to visit. It’s one of the best places to backpack since it’s safe, has a good traveler trail, and is a lively city. Read more about vacationing in Dublin

Rome, Italy: Rome is a city for the adventurous, artistic, and those who love good food and a fine wine. You really get a taste of it all in this Italian capitol which is what makes it one of the top vacation spots in Europe. Read more about vacationing in Rome

Barcelona, Spain: Barcelona is a big city that doesn’t completely feel like one for the most part. The weather in Barcelona is temperate and never gets too hot in the summer and is chilly but not freezing in the winter. Read more about vacationing in Barcelona

Istanbul, Turkey: Sitting on the Bosporus on both sides of Europe and Asia, Istanbul is a rich cultural city where you can see east, west, and a collaboration of the two in one place. Many people may not consider Istanbul when searching for their next top vacation spots in Europe but you’ll be enticed by all of the options you have in the Istanbul. Read more about vacationing in Istanbul

Paris, France: Paris is the city of love and the most popular destination for tourists in the world. There’s plenty of reason for that as Paris is easily accessible from most of the world and a popular destination for American tourists. Read more about vacationing in Paris