Check out Prague – Czech Republic this year!

Prague is a city of old and new that’s vibrant and is a good blend for a variety of travelers. Prague is still one of the cheaper European cities compared to the other major tourist destinations of Paris, Rome, or Dublin. Prague is a place to vacation if you love history, the nightlife, or a good beer with your dinner. To get a taste of Prague past, visit the Lobkowicz Palace, a wing within Prague Castle. Its here where youll find a grand painting of both Mozart and Beethoven and the Lobkowicz Palace is still home to a number of live orchestral concerts.

The city is centered around the Old Town Square (Staromestske Namesti) and its the part of the city most frequented by tourists. Its the shopping district and home to a number of popular bars and pubs. The Old Town Square is an expensive part of town so its not the best area to stay in on a tight vacation budget. The Old Town Square is classy and if luxury is your taste there are plenty of high-end hotels and resorts to suit most tastes.

Of course you can zoom right into the modern age by taking one of the many popular Segway tours that operate in Prague. Its one of the best ways to get around and the fact that youre on a Segway is something of a novelty as well. The Segway tours are guided but you do get some freedom to move around on your own and you’ll most certainly be taken to an open area to enjoy zipping around on your new ride. The Segway tours will take you to many of Pragues famous sites and landmarks like the St. Vitus Cathedral. In most cases though you wont get a chance to go in and other places you visit so just make note of your favorites to stop by later.

St. Vitus Cathedral happens to be one of those places you’re likely to add to your list. Its an impressive building architecturally and was built around 1000 AD. This Gothic cathedral was since expanded greatly over the following 300 years and now stands up as an impressive monument in Prague. Entry to the St. Vitus Cathedral is free and the youll be able to avoid many of the crowds by visiting between September and May on the weekends when school trips arent usually planned. Taking pictures inside the St. Vitus Cathedral is also permitted so dont forget your camera to capture the interior design and the stained glass windows.

The Karluv Most or Charles Bride connects two parts of the city, from the Old Town. This pedestrian bridge is full of life and tourists but still a unique experience and opportunity not to be missed. There are vendors, musicians, and street shows lined up during most of the day but the evening hours are when the Karluv Most comes to life. Youll get good views of Prague as well, especially if you can catch a sunset (or sunrise) over the Vltava River.