Barcelona Spain Travel Guide

Barcelona is a big city that doesn’t completely feel like one for the most part. The weather in Barcelona is temperate and never gets too hot in the summer and is chilly but not freezing in the winter. There’s plenty to do in Barcelona, including seeing some of the unusual buildings and Gothic design. One of the most iconic structures in Barcelona is the La Sagrada Familia and its a must-see if you’ve never been. Children under 10 are admitted for free and there are student discounts and those who purchase the Bus Touristic day passes. For the price of admission to this Roman Catholic Church, you’ll also be given access to the museum inside.

You can also try out the modern art museum, Fundació Joan Miró, which is interesting if youre interested in art. Its not an ideal place to stop by if you’re traveling with young kids who will likely get bored or at least rush you through the exhibits. Of course Barcelona is also a great place to go sailing and enjoy the beach during the summer months. You can stroll up and down the beach and check out some of the local vendors who offer boating tours and excursions around the coast. Your cheapest bet is to hop on one of the water taxis that will skip between stops along the coast. You’ll get to see quite a bit for a much cheaper ticket than booking and organized tour.

One place many tourists also see out is the Pablo Picasso museum which is visually impressive and overloads your senses in a good way. Upon entry to the museum you can elect to wander around on your own or get a guided tour. Depending on how much you want to learn about Picasso and the museum, the guided tours offer a lot of information and you’re also free to do your own thing after. The tours are free but are scheduled for only a few times per week so make sure you check the Picasso Museum guided tour schedule when planning your trip there.

For those of you who love to shop on vacation you can make your way up and down the Las Ramblas, the long shopping area. You’ll find many modern shops international stores in the Las Ramblas area where the stores open around 10am and stay open until 8pm or later. You’ll be wandering around the northern part of Las Ramblas mostly, its where the best shopping is and away from the residential areas. During the warmer summer months the cafes comes alive and you can enjoy a long Spanish lunch before or after the siesta where everyone takes a few hours off in the middle of the afternoon.

Many guides will recommend you attend a soccer game at the FC Barca Stadium but finding tickets is difficult at best, especially if you’re coming from out of town. Another great way to catch a good football (soccer) game and experience the local fever about the sport is to swing by one of the many pubs and sports bars in town that will be showing the game. Keep your eye out, ask you hotel or hostel receptionist, or download Travelocity Travel Tools, one of the best iPhone apps for travelers to find a good nearby place.